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Teaching Machines Wellspring (Stereo Spring Reverb Machine)

The Wellspring is an analogue stereo reverb with many useful controls. It can sound both vintage and modern. This is a result of the modulation possibilities and the sophisticated delay. Drastic sound changes can be achieved with a single movement, from a light, subtle, spherical reverb to an intense, shrill effect.

The signal first passes through a delay unit with two different delay lines. The LFO of the modulation unit can be used to modulate the delay times. The speed of the LFO can be set to audible levels.  The frequency of the LFO can be controlled via a CV input on the rear panel. The stereo filter is connected to the delay unit and has four different filter types: Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Notch. The filter can also be controlled via the modulation unit. The feedback from the delay unit can be used to create spherical sounds.

The signal path is completed by a large spring reverb. This reverb has two springs per channel and produces a wide, sophisticated reverb sound.

Especially interesting is the magic loop, which allows you to control the amount of feedback from the spring reverb back to the delay. Depending on the setting, this can produce shrill sounds or long reverb tails. The potentiometer should be used with care as it can quickly lead to extreme results.

The signal can be connected to either the rear inputs or the front guitar input. The input gain can be used to drive the signal.


  • A stereo pair of delay lines with nice added extras
  • 2 types of Stereo pitch and filter modulation up to audio oscillator speeds
  • External LFO Sync-ing
  • 4 different sweep-able stereo analogue filters
  • 2 full-sized spring reverb tanks
  • A magical ping-pong feedback loop around the whole thing
  • A high impedance guitar input as well as stereo line inputs and outputs
  • Can be Rack or Table-mounted with attachable ‘ears’ or rubber feet

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